I'm trying to wrap up the instruction article on repairing the post-type and
flush-type original-equipment wing drain valves. I have all the photos I
need, with the exception of a disassembled Beech flush drain valve. Can
anyone help me out? If someone has an old one, I would be happy to repair
it in exchange for the opportunity to photograph it. I just don't have an
old one here in Laurens.

Once I publish the article, I will have complete drain valve repair kits
available. The remaining rings that I need are on the way. The kits will
include all the rings needed for both types of valves, so that you won't get
halfway through a job and discover that you need a different ring.

Can anyone help me out with photos or a flush valve? I have everything I
need for the post-type valve, and for the F75 Saf-Air flush valve.
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