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Thread: Many thanks to the Koch family for BACFest 2019

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    Thanks, Rich, Chris and all. We had a great time.
    Jack Becker
    Orcas Is., WA
    1978 Sundowner N836KT

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    Man, what an absolute blast! Rick, Chris and your daughters went above and beyond. Raised the bar tremendously and wonderful weather treated us to great times and fellowship. Many thanks to Doc White and JP for setting up our mini-flyins to the Hangar Kafe and Beaumont Hotel and Stearman Field. Really broke up the long flight out.

    Also, great insight from Trumpet on his accident and much appreciation from Marty and Bill Sciscoe for making me more proficient on configuring my mixture settings especially at my first exposure to high altitude airports.

    Every event was fantastic and scheduled perfectly. Long hot, flight home and great to be back but the memories will prevail.

    Again, thanks for the hard work, preparation, dedication and great memories...looking forward to next year!

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