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Thread: Many thanks to the Koch family for BACFest 2019

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    Many thanks to the Koch family for BACFest 2019

    Rick and Chris took BACFest to a new level this year. Everything was fantastic and you raised the bar for future events. It didn't take long to miss that crisp Rocky Mountain air after stepping out into the heat and humidity back here in Kentucky. And thanks to all those that took the time, effort and financial commitment to come to Colorado and participate in BACFest. Without all of the attendees, we wouldn't create our fantastic memories and solidify the many friendships made over the fifteen years of BAC's existence.

    In addition to Rick and Chris, thanks goes to George, Peggy, Michelle, Brian and Olivia for all the hard work that went into producing such a superb event. Many many thanks.


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    Well said, I add my thanks.
    Michael Dunlevie

    Where the Sundowner took me.

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    I agree. This one is going to be hard to beat. Thanks Chris, Rick and family! Now I gotta go rest up from all the activities
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    Thank you Koch's for a memorable first BACfest. Now Amy and I must go back to work to rest up.
    Jay L.
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    Rick and his family set a new high mark for the best BACFest. Thank you and we are glad we didn't miss this one.

    N9357S - B24R Sierra
    Denis Weiser

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    I'm BAC home reflecting on the awesome event I just experienced. Great times, great friends, great memories. Kudos to Rick and his family for all their work to assure we had the best time possible.
    Thank you Rick & the Beech Aero Club for BACFest 2019!


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    This was our first (but not last) BACfest! OMG!
    Thanks Rick, Chris and family for such a memorable event! It was such a pleasure to finally meet some of the members in person. What a GREAT bunch of guy's AND gal's to be associated with!



    Johnnie & Brenda
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    So did they announce where 2020 BACFEST is going to be held ?
    Fred (fastfred) Culleton
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    I want to thank the entire Koch family for this years BACFest. It was apparent that they spent a lot of time working on the large and small details for this event. That it was a family affair for them made it that much better for the Beech Aero Club family. I enjoyed the company of many friends made over the years and made new friends I look forward to seeing at future events.

    If you are a member of this organization and have not been to a BACFest, you should get it on your bucket list. Kindred spirits abound!

    Dan Jonas
    Daniel Jonas

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    They did......but, I don't want to step on anyone's toes. I'm sure once the Board members get home and recoupe from BACfest they will announce it officially.

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