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Thread: After BACfest Fly - In / Drive - In - great times continue

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    After BACfest Fly - In / Drive - In - great times continue

    Well - - you have already seen the photos from the pre-BACfest participants (Peter from Germany) of our get-together and adventures at the Amen Mountain Homes. Now it's time for a short report of our participants arriving for the After-BACfest event.

    Jerry and Ruth Neild arrived late Sunday (thankfully before dark) at the cabin after a drive from Arvada and their Denver airport car rental fun. I arrived at the Salida airport (KANK) about 10:00 am after my Sunday morning departure from Rocky Mountain. The Sundowner did well climbing into the mountains (as I told center ... at a somewhat relaxed climb rate) in the early morning. Weather turned somewhat challenging later that afternoon. Good call to fly early.

    Then Tom and Lisa Bragg drove over as planned, leaving their plane at Sheltair (Rocky Mountain) and enjoying the view from the road. They arrived Tuesday evening in time for a beer and snacks on the back (BAC?) deck (photo) while Jerry cooked up a wonderful dish from the UK for all of us to enjoy. Nothing quite like watching the sun go down (well ... SOMEONE'S gotta do it!) and then heading to the dining table inside. Sweet.

    The next morning trumpet nelson announces that if you want those president points, you just gotta work for them! 2nd photo. Well, what else did you expect ???

    Be safe,
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    Love it!
    Have fun.....

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    Great! Does the party continue at the Amen River House?
    Michael Dunlevie

    Where the Sundowner took me.

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    Nelson, I see the porch steps are still not reinstalled, no presidents points so far!
    You guys have a great time, enjoy it!
    Greetings from the Old World...
    (did my first oil change on the OH engine today, good news: very clean filter!)

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