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Thread: Pik-n-Pig (BQ1) Carthage, NC (10/26)

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    At KORS we have a 2400' mountain 1 mile due east and 1400' mountain 1/2 mile southwest of the runway (16-34). Most of the summer the winds are northerlies and the majority of the traffic comes from the south. So straight in approaches are really common. After a while you get used to widening your scan for traffic.
    And there at least 5 airports I've been to in the Washington Cascades that are "one way in"/ "one way out" with no pattern at all.
    Jack Becker
    Orcas Is., WA
    1978 Sundowner N836KT

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    All that being said, are you gonna come back and join us?

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    I am flying out to Texas the day before to attend the Reklaw flyin
    J Jones B24R MC-366 N9372S

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    Is anyone planning on attending this other than me?

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    Alan, I would come but I cannot. Sorry. I really enjoyed the last one, and appreciate your efforts in putting these things together.
    Les Gawlik

    N6008L 1978 Sundowner M-2087
    Martin State Airport (KMTN), Baltimore, Maryland

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    With no positive responses I am cancelling this event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nine8lima View Post
    i was planning on it
    We will reschedule but please let me know if you are planning to attend. From posting here and two emails, I had received zero positive responses.

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    i was just going to show up .. I went anyways though

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    Did you see all the Young Eagles flying over your lunch?
    Don Poitras - N2325Q

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