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Thread: Breakfast in Oklahoma - all you can eat! Nov 16th - KOUN - about noon

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    I did an over night in Grove, OK. Great BBQ place there .....
    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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    I saw that you overnighted in Grove, OK... Grove was an airport that I flew over on my way to Norman to visit my son. It's kind of the start of Grand Lake. I am one of those pilots that as I plan my cross country flight I specifically note airports along my route, just in case I need it...
    Chris Nowak
    N47 - Pottstown, PA

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    Trip Report - - - -

    The service and food at Ozzie's was stellar. One of these days you all just gotta get there with me! All smiles on the ramp after the all-you-can-eat breakfast (photo 1).

    While on the ramp, I noticed the stance of my Sundowner (photo 2) was quite a step up from the Cherokee 6 (I had looked at a few before getting my baby beech). The word "stately" comes to mind. Gotta talk to Jay sometime about his decision to get his mouse. I think I made the right choice ....

    Arrived at Grove, OK about 2:40. The Citation corporate pilots had been waiting in the (very nice) airport lounge all afternoon for the owner to show, and then after I headed to the lake for my meeting, they got a call and were told it would be the next morning. We ended up at the same hotel and the desk lady said they were a little grumpy. Ahhh .... the life of a corporate pilot. They were looking wishfully at my Sundowner ..... Nice sunset photo when I headed back to the airport to put on the cover.

    Be safe,
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    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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