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Thread: Nose wheel shimmy

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    Nose wheel shimmy

    Well I was hoping that my nose wheel shimmy that I experienced last time I flew was because of the gusty winds 30 knots, at three airports. it was a great day to fly IFR, but I flew again today and it still happened.
    I had the shimmy dampener replaced with a used one last year, I should have known better, I usually do not buy anything used.
    So my question is does any have a lead on a reasonably priced shimmy dampener, I know there is no cheap in Beech.

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    Nose wheel shimmy

    Brian, do a BAC search on 'nose wheel shimmy', and read the info. You can easily check the damper, and it is rarely the cause. It just keeps the vibration from resonating and destroying things. Play in the system is what causes the shimmy.

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    Nose wheel shimmy

    When I had this repaired last year, the A&P who pretty much works almost exclusively on baby beeches, said that's all it was and she had been fine up to a few weeks ago. I have not taken it off of the plane as of today, but last year you could push it in with your bare hands. I believe this is supposed to be more like a shock absorber and have resistance. But I will try Oz's theory of greasing the heck out of the nose wheel.
    Hopefully that will cure it.
    Thanks for all your help

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