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Thread: Rough River (2I3 - Kentucky) - Saturday, November 9, 2019

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    Rough River (2I3 - Kentucky) - Saturday, November 9, 2019

    Join us for the Saturday lunchtime buffet at Rough River state park in western Kentucky on Saturday, November 9, 2019. Plan to arrive by 11:30 (Central time) and just before noon we'll make the short walk down to the lodge. Good country cookin' and a terrific salad bar for those concerned about weight and balance!

    2I3 (Two-India-Three) is the identifier, 122.8 is CTAF, and 02-20 is the runway. The parking area and small administration building are on the northeast end. The small ramp at the southwest end has been closed. Fuel is no longer available at 2I3. We've had some nice crowds at this fly-in, so come join the fun.

    If you have any questions, call my cell, 859-707-6039.

    Brad Mitchell

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    Rough River fly-in lunch is this coming Saturday, November 9. Plan to arrive by 11:30 AM Central time and we'll head to the lodge dining room around noon.

    For more information on the state park, here's a link:

    And if anyone is interested in coming early and staying Friday night, they have Bluegrass music playing Friday night between 6:30 and 10:00 PM:

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    Brad if the stars align I may try and make this flyin.
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    I am going to try. Hopefully for Friday night. Weather looking good for Friday and Saturday so far. Chris and I may try to leave early Friday and send the night there. Hope to see you Brad.
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    Joe Kirby
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    Joe and Steve, look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Weather looks good although it may be a little chilly. That'll just make the food taste that much better!

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    You've never seen a baby pigeon and you've never seen a fly-in sponsored by Brad Mitchell with less than wonderful food.

    Wish I was closer!

    (Now that I think of it... I have never seen Brad Mitchell sponsor anything that did not involve food.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by corcoran View Post
    (Now that I think of it... I have never seen Brad Mitchell sponsor anything that did not involve food.)
    Brad and food? Well you should have been in the bar at BAC Fest Louisville for those rounds of Bourbon. Brad sponsored a few I felt the next day! Despite a valient effort Anne & I couldn't keep up with Brad and Knight and left them in the bar...
    Michael Dunlevie

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    When I first started flying in 1994, my "age-seasoned" mentors always told me the way to keep pilots involved with flying is to incorporate food into the equation. How true that has proven to be. Throw in an overnight stay and introduce an adult beverage (or two) and the party has just begun!

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    Thanks for putting this together, Brad. Fingers crossed that weather is good and I can come down from Georgetown OH (KGEO). Food is always a good motivator, too.
    Gary Embrey
    Georgetown, Ohio
    1974 Sundowner N21KM

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    Looks like beautiful weather. Chris and I will be there this afternoon.

    Joe Kirby
    Sierra N9299S

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