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Thread: BACFest 2020

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    BACFest 2020

    Bookings for points-based flights to the US will open soon for us to meet friends at BACFEST 2020 in Tullahoma. We know, BACFEST 2019 is barely gone (the super memories remain) and the Redcoats are champing at the bit for next year's action. Whilst undoubtedly there's lots to be considered please can we have the basics confirmed (and any new info available) just to let folks gather their thoughts and clear their diaries etc.

    No rush, no hassle - just when something is available it would be nice to know and so be able to look ahead. Thank you in advance to any and all who are/will be taking on the challenge.

    Jerry (and the Captain, Ruth)

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    Steffi and I looking forward to seeing you all again
    Fred (fastfred) Culleton
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    With few exceptions it has rained and been gloomy since we returned from BACFEST 2019, fields are flooded and now the frosts are appearing - a harbinger of the winter to come. Look forward to seeing you all (and the sun).

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    Redcoats hoping all still on for BACFEST in Tullahoma in Oct. We are booking flight outbound tomorrow, internal flights post BACFEST and Queen Mary for trans-pond crossing home. Should be arriving in ATL around 7 Oct. Looking forward to it already!

    Jerry N

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    Jerry, Ruth

    For hotel bookings:
    Holiday Inn Express & Suites Tullahoma
    Address: 2030 N Jackson St, Tullahoma, TN 37388, United States
    Phone: +1 931-222-1414
    Codename: Beechcraft Fly-in
    Rate = $115USD/night w/Breakfast

    I booked last Friday and it went smooth. There is a day event on Wednesday down in Pidgeon Forge, but if you aren't into hiking in the mountains then the "Greet the Meat" event at the Beechcraft Heritage Museum Hanger Bar starts at 1630hrs on Wednesday. Plan is to fly into Tullahoma as a group Thursday morning to start BACFest 2020 with most leaving by Sunday noon. As you know due to distance and cost it is always beneficial to arrive early and depart late to maximise your vacation time. Nashville is 1.5hrs North so if you want to experience country twang, that's the place to be. Hopefully that gets you started. Looking forward to seeing you again.
    Jeff Knight
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    Booked Thur-Sun! Let me know when Pigeon Forge opens up!

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    Charlotte and Rap booked Th-Su

    Rap McBurney

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    Redcoats booked Wed - Sun (checkout Sun). See you there.

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    Anne & Michael booked Wednesday the 7th through Sunday the 11th.

    Small glitch in that the reservation agent I had on the phone only sees the rate for the 7th and much higher the other nights. The email confirmation I received doesn't even show the rate for the 7th. Guess I've got to up my game on making reservations!

    I'll PM our most illustrious VP on who I talk to about this. I booked anyway as I'm sure the rate issue will get fixed.
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    Michael Dunlevie

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    Orbiting Earth Touring the Galaxy
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    Jacksons Gap, Alabama
    Rack rate is over $250, JK did good at $115!!

    Rap McBurney

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