First I would like to thank everyone for there input, especially Dennis Ritz who reminded me to do the basics first and grease the nose wheel assembly, I did a full inspection on the nose wheel assembly, well to the best of my abilities and found everything to be tight, so I figured I would follow Dennis's advice and grease the heck out of the nose wheel assembly and low and behold, no more shimmy. I did two full stops in winds 20 degrees off the runway 10 gusting to 16 and absolutely no shimmy. This had me worried especially where I had just had the nose wheel looked at and fixed in April.
I will have to greasing of the gear on my twice a year list, this is the first tie since I purchased the plane that I have over 140 hours since annual, I usually fly about 125 hours per year, but the Alaska trip took care of that for me this year.
So again thanks to all of you.
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