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Thread: Sharky's in Venice Beach today!!! Yup, Sunday Dec-8-2019

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    Sharky's in Venice Beach today!!! Yup, Sunday Dec-8-2019

    Its 08;30 am
    The skies are clear temps will be mild looks about as good as it gets.
    So lets have an impromptu late lunch at Sharky's today.......

    Make it 13:00 Hrs

    If you haven't been to KVNC nice parking uncontrolled airfield walking distance from sharky's. Post here if interested and I'll be there at the FBO.

    or email me at: (that goes into my phone within seconds.)


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    Max...had you posted on the BAC calendar and the forum, you could've had BAC pay for your meal. Oh well, hope you had a good, safe fly-in nonetheless.

    Charley Booton

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