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Thread: Feb 22nd, 2020. Baby Beech to Paula's for lunch POU Airport

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    Feb 22nd, 2020. Baby Beech to Paula's for lunch POU Airport

    POU Airport Wappinger Falls, NY

    Paula's Cafe is the new restaurant in POU airport.

    POU has a tower but is typically very low key.

    No landing fee and parking is right underneath the tower.

    Paula's is right in the same building as the main terminal. Tell ground where you want to go and they will assist if you have any questions.

    Fuel price there is OK but nearby at 44N is usually the cheapest in the area should you need fuel.

    The plan: meet at 12noon. Have lunch, swap mouse stories and enjoy lunch out.
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    Just had breakfast at Paula's made arrangements for February 22nd for the club to come

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    Looks Great!!!!!
    Chris Nowak
    N47 - Pottstown, PA

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    Wow, finally a close-by fly-in. And I have to be away that weekend. POU is listed on chart now as Hudson Valley Regional, but tower still goes by "Dutchess Tower" (the old name). Also a great avionics shop on the field - Precision Avionics.

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    Robert Staab has done a service to the Northeast Region by scheduling a fly-in.
    Any member can schedule a fly-in anywhere.
    If you coordinate with the regional director the fly-in could qualify for a BAC subsidy.
    Robert has done all this (as well as posting it on the Event Calendar) and the POU Fly-In is official.


    I will be at the Fly-in in Tuscon, Arizona that week so I can only wish you luck.
    I note Ken Cook, who is the Airboss of Connecticut, is attending and he knows how to get the most out of a fly-in.

    newport david clark 002.JPG

    Tom Corcoran, Northeast Regional Director

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