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Thread: Now That's a Great Flight!

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    Now That's a Great Flight!

    Hey I know the Sierra is a good, comfy cross-country aircraft, but in 2016 this guy flew his all the way to Oshkosh... from Israel !

    Just came across this today, and sharing it here it is in case you never saw this. Posted by a Noam Koren... is/was he a BAC member?



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    Fantastic Post! I had not seen that video before. Israel-to-Oshkosh-back to Israel... I love where my "magic carpet" takes me on my adventures. I recently flew from Pennsylvania to Missouri to pickup my son and his little Jack Russell dog for the Christmas holidays and fly them to Pennsylvania so he didn't need to make the drive by himself. During the holiday someone asked me "how much did that cost?" It was at that point that I realized what my flying was all about... It wasn't about the money... You cannot justify my flying behavior on a spreadsheet.
    Chris Nowak
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    WOW! That's really all I can say!

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    Thanks for sharing!
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    Mark Weiss has a Sierra that was flown from the USA to Australia. This was before there was any such thing as GPS and may have pre-dated Loran-C. That would have been a heck of a flight. Not to take anything away from the Israel flight. That flight would have been going through many different air spaces and ATC controlers. I think all of Europe has landing fees, not to mention that avgas is probably on the average more than double of what we pay. So the expense side of that flight is also something to be amazed at. Wouldn't you know it was a club member.
    Marty Vanover
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    Gotta love that flight... hope one day to do some fun trips other than hamburger runs

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    That's a lot of water and crossed twice! Double wow.
    Michael Dunlevie

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    I've fantasized about flying to Europe. I think the Sundowner could make it there without ferry tanks with westerly winds and good weather, but I'm afraid I'd have to leave her there. Going West against the wind is too big of a stretch. It's fun to think about, though.
    Bob Schmidt, Founding Member
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    Also flew VH-WEI in Oz.

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