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Thread: Triple Tree, SC (SC00) Mar 27-29

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    Triple Tree, SC (SC00) Mar 27-29

    Come for one day or come and camp with Alan White under the wing for all 3! This is a great groomed 7000ft grass field with all the amenities of home! Below is from the Triple Tree website. Check them out and then join us!

    Uncle Johns Fly-In is a new idea of having a shorter 3-day fly-in for General Aviation! This will give our General Aviation guests two times to visit Triple Tree similar to the Joe Nall and Nall in the Fall. The specific planning of this event is still in the works but please reserve this date and well keep everyone updated.

    This date is March 27-29, 2020

    Website info is:

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    We are a little over a month out from this now. Time to start making plans. Anybody else looking to go?

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    Looks like a fun one. I've got to work that weekend, hoping to do the Fall fly-in there.
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    Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, this event has been postponed.

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