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Thread: Pik-n-Pig (BQ1) Carthage, NC (3/29)

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    It was scheduled to coincide with the end of the 3 day event at TripleTree in SC.

    I would be game for any weekend with decent weather.
    J Jones B24R MC-366 N9372S

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    just an FYI. I saw on FB a pirep that BQ1 is still open but carry-out only. Take a chair.
    J Jones B24R MC-366 N9372S

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    I am ready to fly. Anyone else for BQ1. 6570R

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    Maybe Saturday depending on the weather.

    I'm officially marked safe from the Wuhanic Plague as of this morning.
    J Jones B24R MC-366 N9372S

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    I'll take a rain check....would love to schedule this for after the virus when we can all go in and sit down to eat without worry.

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    Weather is crap today.

    Let's pick a new day a few months from now once this virus mess has subsided.

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