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Thread: BAC LITE 2020 - if attending, your info due by March 1st - and hotel info

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    All, …. just a little refresher …...

    Here is a cut-and-paste (below) of our "agenda" for BAC LITE 2020. Basically, you need to able to eat and talk airplanes ….

    And …. still some flexibility needed for the exact events and times. Working on some specifics for the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience.
    ================================================== ====
    Welcome to BAC LITE 2020 !!

    My intent is to schedule an annual gathering six months after each BACfest, giving us a 2
    chance to meet each year.
    This first time event will be held in San Antonio on the weekend of May 2, 2020. An outline of the details follows:
    Friday, May 1st
    for a two night stay

    • by commercial airline (SAT international). Frontier and Southwest Airlines are very economical carriers. Take hotel shuttle. Hotel rate is what you negotiate individually. No group rate (it was a real bust when I tried)
    • fly your plane to 8T8 on the west side of town. Free parking on the grass and we will shuttle to/from our hotel near SAT airport. We will use the airport operations building at San Geronimo Airpark (8T as our staging area while there.

    • Group supper about 6:30 pm on Friday night near SAT airport. Then hotel breakfast Saturday morning.

    Saturday, May 2nd

    • Morning aviation related activity (to be announced - weather dependent).
    • Lunch BBQ at 8T8 airport
    • The main event - - supper on the river walk downtown for the entire group. Starts with a barge ride at 3:30 pm.

    Sunday, May 3rd

    • Breakfast at hotel with shuttle departures per your individual schedules
    • Group lunch for those still in town



    • Get a rental car to explore San Antonio. It is a great tourist town.
    • Arrive a day early to extend your stay or stay a day late. Fun!
    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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    Silly question, still not sure if I can make it, but trying to think it through.... ForeFlight is telling me there's no landing fee at KSAT and the overnight fee is waived with fuel at MillionAir FBO, is that true? Would it then be easier logistically (and more fun to land with the big boys) to fly in to KSAT since everybody's going to be right there at airport hotels? Is 8t8 going to be hosting anything other than free parking?

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    The facilities at SAT International are very nice, but expensive. Typically when I stop there for one overnight I am out an extra $60 to $80 due to the premium price for fuel (minimum needed to avoid parking fee) and some other small charges (Signature North). That is vs. fueling at KCVB and parking for free there, or parking at my home airport of 8T8. I have never parked multiple nights at SAT International. The draw for me for an occasional at SAT International stay is the 10 block folding bike ride to my home.

    All we have at 8T8 is my hangar and a small ops building with a restroom that is open 24/7. Basically a place to escape weather if needed while you wait for me (or someone) to give you the 40 minute ride to our Pear Tree airport hotel. If weather complies, we will have the BBQ lunch on Saturday under the shade tree at 8T8. Tie-downs on in the grass, so bring your own stakes and ropes.

    Both 8T8 and SAT International are options for your attending BAC LITE 2020. Simple.
    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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    Our BAC LITE 2020 attendees - list


    Here is our list of those coming to San Antonio for the May 1st weekend - a head count of 27. I will be sending more details to the attendees as well as start a Q&A session by email for this group. If the weather complies, we may have 8 aircraft flying in to 8T8. Many thanks to all of you for submitting your information. Looking great !!

    Nelson and Sheila Amen
    Fred and Steffi Culleton
    Michael and Anne Dunlevie

    Gary and Beth Harper
    Greg and Jane Johnson
    Kelly Jones ++

    Jay and Amy Leitner
    Curt Lindauer and Jane Broeckling
    Rap and Charlotte McBurney

    Jonathan and Ceara Oliver
    Peter Schirrmeister and Elke Janowski
    Robert Schmidt

    Johnnie and Brenda Smith
    David and Karen Stevens
    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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    Climbing to Cruise Climbing to Cruise peschi's Avatar
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    Jul 2017
    Frankfurt, Germany
    I'm afraid, we can't make it to the first BAC LITE There are no flights to the US anymore at least until April 24 operated by LH. Our planned flight on April 27 is not cancelled yet but I really doubt it would take off. We have therefore decided to cancel the Hotel to make sure I will get my money back which was already charged.
    It's very sad to cancel because it would have been the first chance for Elke to meet all the people I was talking about when returning from Denver! She probably won't have the necessary days off from work to travel with me to Tullahoma later this year.
    Nelson, thank you for all your efforts and your hospitality - I really hope the BAC LITE will still happen for you guys!
    We stay in touch!
    Peter and Elke

    EDFE - Germany

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    Peter: Sorry we won't get to see you or meet Elke.

    Nelson: we will still be there even if we have to drive. The plane may or not make it, I have put it on the back burner for now until we can see a positive trend.
    Jay L.
    Sierra 2044L Driver

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    Peter, our loss at not having you and Elke. We'll keep our fingers crossed that she may get the right time off and Tullahoma will work. Be safe.
    Michael Dunlevie

    Where N9185S took me.

    Sarchasm (noun): The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it.

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    Peter any chance you can build a crate for yourself and Elke? We are starting to run cargo only flights on the DFW-FRA-DFW routing.
    Jay L.
    Sierra 2044L Driver

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    We can't make it either!
    I took that job with ExpressJet and will be in training on the EMB-145. Sorry.........

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    I have sent the following to the planned attendees. You all take care.


    No reason to drag this decision on to April 10th. Looks like we are still digging the hole deeper here in San Antonio for shutdowns and what not. Traffic is light and the economy is being devastated in this tourist and oil town (18 virus deaths to-date in a population of 1,530,000).

    So .... let's cancel our BAC LITE 2020 plans for now. It's best not to try to schedule an alternate date until the dust all settles. Too many people involved ... and too many unknowns. We all have plenty of projects to tackle at home anyway.

    Be safe, and keep smiling,
    Nelson Amen
    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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