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Thread: Pre BACFest 2020 Gatlinburg /Pidgeon Forge (KGKT) Tail of the Dragon Oct 13-15 2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeKirby View Post
    Is that a MV 500? I bet the weight will work but it will be a tight squeeze to get it in the baggage door.
    Yes, but I do have a couple of smaller MV’s as well.
    In Oz

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    Orbiting Earth Heading to Pluto corcoran's Avatar
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    This thread looks like BACers have run out of airplane pictures and looking to see whose (bike) is biggest.

    Tom Corcoran
    (Is it likely the rental bikes might have heel shifters?)

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    I'm hike! My last time on a motorcycle didn't go too well!
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    For those of you flying into GKT, I hate to sound like a nagging Mom, but: please review airport procedures especially the one-way instrument approach.

    And the Departure Procedure: there is an obstacle departure procedure if you need to takeoff IFR or a good idea even if just flying at Night (the mountains are not illuminated).

    There's even a bit of a hill in northwest side of the pattern, so don't turn crosswind/downwind too early (especially if its night time.)

    Lots of sightseeing helicopter traffic, so keep a sharp lookout.
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    TC. If a Harley rental shouldn’t be a problem
    Fred (fastfred) Culleton
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    It's becoming obvious that BAC members have way too many toys. So I'm not posting pictures of my motorized bicycle, kayaks, canoe, sailboat etc.
    Jack Becker
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    You guys wanna start spending real money? Go get a Vanagon pop up and tour Utah with friends (sort of BAC Fest in the desert).

    Under the Rock - Long Canyon.jpg

    Top of Shafer.jpg

    Camp Rainbow.jpg
    Michael Dunlevie

    Where N9185S took me.

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    Works for me.....
    Pick some dates !!
    Fred (fastfred) Culleton
    N6703P-Sierra C24R
    Flowery Branch, Ga
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    I was just in Jackson Hole @ the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar . I hope we don't run into this gang from the movie "Any which way you can"
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    John Persinger
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    You afraid the Monkey would be competition!
    Fred (fastfred) Culleton
    N6703P-Sierra C24R
    Flowery Branch, Ga
    KLZU Home Base

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