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Thread: Las Vegas - Next Week?

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    Las Vegas - Next Week?

    Hey there BAC,

    I am going to be in Las Vegas tomorrow through Friday and wondering if anyone from our club is based out of the area? Conferences are good and all, but I’m from the great white North and the wx has been pretty lack lustre as of recent...looking to escape and do a little flying in the fair weather while I’m there! I was going to rent an aircraft from Henderson Executive Airport, but if someone has an Aircraft in the area and would like to go flying, Im willing to cover expenses


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    I’m going first week of March
    Nice to know if club member in area
    Fred (fastfred) Culleton
    N6703P-Sierra C24R
    Flowery Branch, Ga
    KLZU Home Base

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    There are 3 listed in the database: Michael Lilienthal (Alien Mind), Luis Jones (Av8r22m) and Roger Hyder (Sierra-racer). You could try contacting them directly through our PM system using their aliases.

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    We are also working on a BAC map that will have dots where we have members. You click on the dot of the area you're interested in and the contact info will appear. You must be logged in and be a member to use this function. All of the data has been collected and now just needs to be imported into the map application. Should be up and running soon.

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    I just returned from HND. Watch out for the controllers there. Very snarky. Heard a pilot ask for a progressive taxi and got a reply saying "I don't know how much more I can break it down for you, it is [step 1] then [step 2] then [step 3], is that simple enough for you?" First time I chalked it up to a bad morning at home for the controller, but unfortunately you hear it every time.
    Michael Dunlevie

    N9185S has taken me, so far...

    Sarchasm (noun): The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it.

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    Michael... I have heard time and again about ATC in the Las Vegas area. Not very friendly or helpful...
    Chris Nowak
    N47 - Pottstown, PA

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkyPilot View Post
    Michael... I have heard time and again about ATC in the Las Vegas area. Not very friendly or helpful...

    My flight is just about to land in Vegas... it was a beautiful 5 hour flight of doing nothing but reading old posts on this site... maybe my time is better spent on this site reading up some more on my NLG work that is upcoming, where people are friendly vs. having to possibly deal with some grumpy controllers!

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    Hey Roger,
    I have heard bad stuff about HND tower, maybe because its a contract tower (well that's what I hear).I hear renting an airplane can be over priced. I have flown a lot in out of there and VGT , I think VGT is a nice airport people wise than Henderson. But that's my 2 cents,
    Roger H

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