A month or three ago, someone contacted me, in some degree of desperation,
because their plastic Hartwell handle was disintegrating. My list of
friends in aviation has become so large that I can no longer afford to just
scan through all the notes, looking for relevant text. If you recognize
yourself as the person who was searching for one of these handles, without
paying RAPID's $560 list price for one, please let me know ASAP. I have a
new one that I'd like to see go to someone who is fighting an airworthiness
issue due to a broken-up handle. I'm still hoping that we will see an
aluminum version become available, perhaps early next year.

If you respond, please try to gauge your degree of interest/need from a one
to a ten, with ten being pretty desperate. It has become very difficult for
me to find these, for much under RAPID's crazy price.

Of course, if no one needs this right now, I'll either stick it in the BAC
Classifieds, or put it up on eBay.
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