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Thread: Let's give them the birdie

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    Let's give them the birdie

    Who wants to celebrate "Screw the social distancing nonsense"! I suggest a flight to Gulfport and have a catfish lunch! This weekend! Okay that may not work as the restaurant likely is closed. Damn-

    I have a hard time getting used to the idea that restaurants are closed.

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    the restaurant thing

    Yes, I really miss the restaurant thing.

    I was yaking on the phone (social distancing I guess) to my AME and we were lamenting we could not meet this Saturday morning at a local buffet (closed of course); they have really good roast ham along with a great salad bar and generally good everything.

    O well, I guess it will only be a couple of months, and I did mention we were both getting close to the target bracket. We agreed we can wait a couple of months, but a lifetime would be too long.
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    I have chosen to take the social distancing and quarantine seriously.

    People have gotten sick and some died because they have been in the company of people who have been capricious.

    Tom Corcoran

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    Flying is a curious hobby to take up if one's gut-take reaction to experts advising on safety matters is to give them the bird.

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    Yep - I find the "restaurant closed" symptom is having a surprising impact on my life style. I guess I really enjoy good food and good conversion. Ditto with the no-handshake. My dad always taught me about having a firm handshake and looking the person in the eye. In its own way, a lot of this feels un-American.

    I figured a while back that it would only be a couple of weeks or so before many of us tired of the restrictions (a reaction which, in its own way, is understandable). Kinda like that long bike ride, when half way through you start wondering "just why am I doing this?" And the "why", in this case, is very compelling. Especially for our age group (!).

    So ... keep smiling and enjoy your new life style at home, and protect your friends, family, and neighbors. I will continue to act like I am a carrier of the virus and do my utmost to avoid any contact. At least during a bike ride, I have a route and destination. Here, we do not have either. But I did manage to insert a smiling face in my text!

    Be safe, prayers for our BAC family, and keep up all of the great forum activity.
    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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    Guys I’m sitting here reading all of our posts. It reminds me of how blessed we truly are in this country. I pray daily for everyone’s health.

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    ++++1 to what Nelson says...........
    This is a tough time, hang in there. safely...
    M Greg Johnson

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    I am convinced that this entire Covid-19 is one big BS pile. Maybe this whole thing is an experiment to see just how compliant the sheeple are, don't know don't care. I have been on airline flights I have been on the road considerably to 0 ill effects. All I do see is a big hoopla on the media which at this stage I discard as nonsense anyway.

    It will take a lot more to convince me that there is anything going on that is anything more than our normal nasty influenza, if that. As for all the people dying wherever well just how many of them were tested before someone wrote on the death certificate Covid-19,, very few certainly in either Italy or Spain.

    If someone feels this is real and or just enjoying this horror movie,, have fun. I have developed a theory. Some people need to feel scared and they play act that fiction,,, all the while in the back of their mind they know nothing will happen to them, but it is exciting to be in that theatre.

    Not me!! I am not one of those. I see that the restaurant is closed because of BS, well I am not enjoying that at all.

    Just saying........
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    I'm with you Max. This is being heavily over played. It is serious and has to be taken as such. However, Dr. Fauci on the President's COVID-19 team said that he believes in the end that this will be like a really bad influenza year. We have lost 23,000 to influenza so far and more will die. No one is talking about them. Bills passed for economic relief are fraught with pork for big companies. Those who are higher risk should take appropriate precautions. Massive unemployment will cause deaths to rise and are predicted to be more than those from the virus. I believe that if members want to have fly-ins, that someone hose them with their barbeque by their hangar. As long as there are no more people than 10, there should be no legal problem providing it is not in a location where there is a stay at home order.
    Mike Nielsen
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