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Thread: Catfish steak, KLBX this Sunday.

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    Catfish steak, KLBX this Sunday.

    Tomorrow I am changing the oil and looking at my ADSB to see if I have some water leakage in that area. Seeing that I will develop some appetite around by Sunday noon; then I am heading down to LBX and gonna have some Texas chow!

    Ya'll are invited and seeing this is a club meet the stuff is free, I gather.

    I don't know if they have fish Tacos there but if they do I am going to have that.

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    Ya'll are invited and seeing this is a club meet the stuff is free, I gather.

    To qualify for "free" food, BAC sets the following limits:

    Each Regional Director determines incentives (if any) given to persons participating in a BAC fly-in. Many times the cost of lunch is covered by the club. Many times it is not. Occasionally there may be a humble "door prize" for attending. This could be a wrench or tool bag or some simple handout.

    Any member can post a fly-in to any place at any time on any date. To be "official" the event must be posted under "Events Calendar" on our website at least five days in advance. The event must be ratified by the Regional Director to qualify for incentives. Many members are pleased to post pop-up unofficial fly-ins that bring members together just for fun.

    Tom Corcoran
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