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Thread: Missed opportunity for Fly-In in Put In Bay.

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    Missed opportunity for Fly-In in Put In Bay.

    Three Sierras in a row in Put-In-Bay today. Mine and N5106M are members and N3524W used to belong to a member and may still belong to a new member. We missed an opportunity for a free lunch.




    Joe Kirby
    Sierra N9299S

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    Hey Joe,

    I own the C24R - 5106M. Flew down from Port Huron, MI today, brought wife and youngest son to Putin Bay.

    To my delight, I saw two other Sierras parked next to each other. I couldn't resist joining the line up and parked right next to you guys.

    Have to say, don't see to many of them around until today.

    ~Mark Mathews N5106M

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    Flying V antenna

    I see one of the Sierra's has that flying V NAV/COM/GS combo antenna that one sees on V-tail Bonanza's.

    Seems unusual to get 3 Sierra's at the same place at the same time unless it is a BAC gathering.

    Up here, more than one Beech of any kind is a big deal - well not counting King Airs and the Beech 1900. Bonanza's, V-Tail or otherwise and not common and less common is any flavor of Musketeer.
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    I was the one you spoke with on the radio. Sorry I missed meeting you. Keep watching for Fly-ins, we may be able to meet before summer is over.

    Joe Kirby
    Sierra N9299S

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    Hey Joe,

    It was a beautiful day to fly into put-in-bay. Attached a couple of picks of the three sierras and a visual from the sky.


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    How is the airport at Put-in-bay? My wife and I used to fly in there BAC in the day (1968-70). The strip was sod & gravel back then. We came very close to a head on encounter with a Ford Trimotor who was landing the same direction I was taking off. Looks like the town has grown considerably since then. Are the vineyards and wineries still there?
    Dave Stevens
    N7994L Super Mouse

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