This coming Saturday, November 26, a few of us are planning an informal
lunchtime gathering in Owensboro, KY (OWB) at Moonlite Barbecue. What
better way to wash away all that turkey and dressing, but with an
overabundance of barbecued pork, beef or mutton with all the fixins? Fried
apples, mashed potatoes, green beans, mixed greens, baked beans, corn, rolls
and muffins. All laid out on a fabulous buffet. And if you can find room
for dessert, we might give you a blue ribbon!

We don't have any kind of program planned, but if you want, bring your
weight and balance calculations with you and we can have a lesson on
recalculating it after we eat. Most people tend to leave with a few extra
pounds. Speaking of extra pounds, you can buy the barbecue by the pound to
take home for later!

Check out their website:

Fellow member Nick Rinaldi says he'll arrange our transportation and provide
us with free parking at his flying club.

For all those interested, we'll plan to meet between 11:30 and noon (Central
time). OWB is Class D airspace (very easy in and out). Just tell the tower
you want to taxi to the flying club and they'll direct you. Hopefully
you'll see a row of Baby Beechs parked out front.

Easy does it on Thursday. Save room for Saturday!

Brad Mitchell
1983 Sundowner
Georgetown, KY (27K)
BAC Secretary/Treasurer

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