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Thread: NW Flyin August 15

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    NW Flyin August 15

    NW BBQ Flyin a success!
    I considered it as a ‘success’ if anyone other then Karen & I showed up for the BAC Flyin BBQ in Prosser WA. yesterday! What a pleasure it was to meet Ken and Pam from Independence OR! Ken has a beautiful Sundowner that he has owned for over 40 years.
    The local EAA had the BBQ warmed up and the picnic tables out for us. We brought the makings of a great picnic (Burgers, fruit, potato salad) as we keep our social distance in check under the shade of several very large trees on the airport grass.
    Our next flyin has already been planned for August 15th. Attention all you Western Washington based BAC’ers, to make this a “no excuses accepted event” for you, we will be flying in to Chehalis-Centralia (CLS) and walking next door to the Riverside Golf course clubhouse for lunch. As of this weekend, they are serving lunch outside on their deck, so as long as conditions stay the same, we will join them.
    Watch for updates as we approach the 15th.
    Fly Happy 😊
    S40.jpgS40 Lunch.png

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    Great to see a North west Fly in !!!

    John Persinger
    Beech Aero Club President

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    AWESOME!!!!! Looks like fun!!!!
    Chris Nowak
    N47 - Pottstown, PA

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