For those heading to OWB (Owensboro, KY) for Moonlite Barbecue tomorrow, our
"flight of 5 planes" from 27K (Georgetown, KY) plan to arrive around noon
central time. Nick Rinaldi, a Sundowner owner and fellow BACer, is based at
OWB and has offered us parking at his flying club. As I recall, the flying
club is located between the tower and runway 23. Ground control will direct

We've got 13 people coming from 27K and at least 3 BACer/MMers intending to
be there. We probably won't leave for Moonlite until 12:15 - 12:30. If
something happens and you arrive after we've left, we'll leave Moonlite's
number. Give them a call and they'll send a van.

Skip breakfast and save room for dessert.

Brad Mitchell
1983 Sundowner
Georgetown, KY (27K)
BAC Secretary/Treasurer

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