Barry, there is a lot of info about this on BAC, and you didn't mention your year, model, and serial number. How the sensing works is 180 different between SW and Rochester systems. If you look very closely at the front of the gauges, it will probably say one or the other in very small print. Rochester systems have about zero to 30 ohms resistance in the sender, over full travel. If I remember right, a grounded (Rochester) circuit will show an empty tank, while an open circuit (disconnected or broken wire) will show a past-full tank (pegged high needle). This tells you how to check your system, regardless of brand. Watch the gauge with the Master on. It should peg high or peg low with the sensor wire disconnected or shorted.

My bet is that you will find a bad gauge. Most of them have never been replaced or overhauled, and are badly out of tolerance (or have sticking movements). The gauges that tend to fail are the oil temp, left fuel, and right fuel. They are electric with meter movements, and operate on very small signal strengths. Airparts Of Lockhaven does overhauls. Not cheap, but new ones, if you could find them, would be three to four times the price. Much more about this in a BAC search, and an MML archive search on BAC.

----- Original Message -----
From: Barry
Sent: Friday, November 25, 2005 10:45 PM
Subject: [musketeermail] Fuel gauge or fuel sender problem?

Hi all.

I have a fuel gauge or fuel sender problem. I'm not sure which is it,
so I am looking for advice.

I did all the ground checks, sub panel and the ground strap at the
wing/sender location. The problem is my right tank indicator shows
full all the time. Today I drained the right tank and when empty it
still reads full.

So now I am basically trying to figure out if I have a bad sender
unit, or a bad gauge.

Can anybody tell me how I can tell which is bad? I figure I can ohm
out the empty tank sender unit to see what the resistance is, but I
don't know what the resistance should be on an empty tank.

Does anybody know what the resistance should be on the sender unit
when the tank is empty?


Sierra, N1959L

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