We came, we saw, we ate and ate and ate, but they kept bringing more! 3
Sundowners and 2 Musketeers were joined by 5 other planes, counting locals.
Twenty-nine people in all. Moonlite kept putting tables together until we
stopped coming in.

Although it wasn't an "official" event, for something put together in about
a week's time, the turnout was fantastic. As usual, Friday's bright blue
skies turned to an overcast on Saturday. But what's unusual about that
whenever the Beech Boys decided to get together this year!

Gives us some numbers to shoot for next spring when we start to plan a
little more in advance.

Thanks Nick for making the arrangements with Moonlite and for letting us
fill the ramp in front of the flying club.

Brad Mitchell
1983 Sundowner
Georgetown, KY (27K)
BAC Secretary/Treasurer

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