It just keeps getting better!

By now you have probably discovered that Bill Howard was able to snag them
for BAC. He literally went and bought them in person, before the auction
ended, and has them in his possession! My belief is that one of our
engineer-members, Ashley Palmer, will pursue the design for BAC and its
members. Some others have started a thread to add some suggested financing
by future buyers, if it proves necessary. Additional photos should be up on
BAC before long. This should be an exciting project, as it is one of the
many that we hoped BAC would be able to help make happen.

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Subject: RE: [BAC-Mail] Re: [musketeermail] Musketeer Wheel Pants - do

Mike, assuming these are glass.... I can have my marine shop make some
molds if needed. Sounds interessring. Richard Grimes N5159M C 23

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BAC Member Robert Lewi
BAC Member Robert Lewis is working on contact with the guy in CA who has
the reported pants on his plane. I just sent Bob the full link to the eBay
set (which are in Oregon). I still plan to bid on the eBay set, on behalf
of BAC (for its members, in hopes of further development and an eventual
STC). David is correct that bolting these on as-is would be problematic.
There are currently no mounting plates with the eBay set, and no
installation approvals.

We may well find that they really were not even specifically developed
for a Musketeer, but are in fact just unapproved examples of something else.
But if the price is right, they would be a good starting point for one of
our engineering members who have expressed interest in such a project, to
benefit all owners via an eventual STC. If this actually works out, we'll
need the development project person, and in turn they will probably need
some help with the STC process, somewhere down the road.

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Subject: Re: [musketeermail] Musketeer Wheel Pants - do they Exist?

THere was a guy in California flying a mouse with his home-made
pants. Thought I heard he was working on trying to get an STC for
I have a feeling that legally bolting them on to our planes would
require a
lot of paperwork.

At 10:29 PM 11/25/2005, Bill Howard wrote:

>HI all -
>Just sent this to the eBay seller of the 'Muskateer Wheelpants.'
Hope he
>Bill Howard
>N1927W 1973 Sport 150
>Beech Aero Club NorthWest Region Director
>Hi Mr. Fitts -
>I own a 1973 Sport 150 - and am visiting in Newburg Oregon this
>Is it
>possible to come down tomorrow, Saturday or early Sunday Morning to
>at them
>and take some pictures? I am the NorthWest Region Director for the
>Aero Club,
>the owner's club for Musketeers of all sizes and there has been a
>discussion about
>wheel pants for several years on the internet.
>If this is possible, could you call me on my Cell? The number is
>Thanks, and congratulations on your retirement.
>Bill Howard
>BeechSport 150 N1927W
>Milton-Freewater Oregon
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