Hi folks,

We have made an offer on a business in Tucson, Arizona. The deal is
not done yet; I have to go out there next week to look at the thing.

Up til now, I have been satisfied with the speed, range & capacity of
the Sundowner. But if I buy this Tucson thing, I will probably want
something faster. DUATS infers that it will take 6.5 hours of
Sundowner time to do the trip at 109 knots. Also, it would be good to
struggle up
a bit higher - to do the trip IFR, you can't get from here to there
without encountering some 11000 foot MEA's.

If a Sierra does 130 knots, it should do the same trip in 5.5 hours.
A 280-horse Debonair would do it in 4.5 hours. But without a drivers side
door .

Of course, when one changes airplanes, there is an entire universe to
choose from. I do worry about the parts situation with Beech. As we
know, Beech auctioned off many of their parts a while back. Maybe not
so coincidentally, many parts went off "reasonably priced" status to
"unavailable and astronomical" in the past year.

- Jerry Kaidor ( jerry@tr2.com )

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