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Thread: carb overhaul interval?

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    carb overhaul interval?

    I would be amazed to see one that went that long without failed rubber, shrunk gaskets, worn pivots and linkage, etc. My money would be on an undocumented repair, sometime is its past life. But that's just one opinion out of many, I am sure.

    If the engine is running smooth at full power, and responds properly to the mixture control, it is improbable that the carb is the cause of the low static RPM. Have you tried leaning to best power/peak RPM while doing the static run-up test?

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    carb overhaul interval?

    >You mention you have 3500 hours on the carb, with no overhaul. I'd feel pretty uncomfortable about that, even if the performance were OK. How do our maintenance gurus (Bob S, Mike R, etc.) feel about that?

    Bob Steward-
    Accessories are scheduled by the manufacturer to be OH at TBO, or when the engine is OH. That includes the carburetor, magnetos, alternator, starter and the magneto harness. There are other accessories that you may have installed... vacuum pump, prop governor, etc., that also need attention.

    I've seen situations like the one above where the mags or carb were just unbolted and set on the bench during the engine OH. They don't suddenly quit working at 2001 hours, but they do degrade. Carburetors have had several changes in floats and venturis over the years, so those that were not updated at OH are probably a generation or two behind the curve.

    Magnetos are supposed to be inspected at 500 hour intervals. Even if they still pass the pre-take off mag check, they may need service. The points wear and the timing drifts (internal timing of the magnet and points, not the timing to the 25 degrees BTDC on the engine), and the mag loses spark energy relatively fast. Might be the reason that some planes start on the second or third blade, and others grind an grind away, sometimes taking the battery with them.

    Its called preventive maintenance. And those that realize they can't "pull over to the side of the road" when they have an engine accessory failure are going to be more attentive to it than those that have never had the pleasure of actually USING that training for selecting an off field landing spot.

    Bob Steward, A&P IA
    Birmingham, AL

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