Just as an aside, folks should not be doing full-power run-ups with the
cowling off. It WILL cause hot spots in the cylinders, as there is almost
no airflow down through the cylinders without the pressure box in place.
Cylinder expansion will be very uneven. Associated problems may not show up
for some time. Overhaulers break-in rebuilt engines without a cowling, but
they have a strapped-on pressure box, and are running what is called a "test
club" That is a four-blade, short-bladed, very wide-chord wood prop that
moves a ton of air right into the front of the pressure box. Idling in
order to check for leaks is OK without a cowling, but not full-power


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The RPM increases as we lean the mixture as it should, but we have
noticed we have to pull the mixture control much further back to get max
RPM than we used to. The engine temp was barely in the green as we had
the cowl off and were ground running it. Mags are going to be ckecked on

Since the cowl was off, we had no filter for engine intake air, which
should yield the highest manifold pressure we can get.

We were outside the hangar, pretty much in the open, facing into the wind.

We will do some checking on Monday and post the results. We are hoping
it's timing or turbulance(?) caused by having the cowling off.

Jury still is out on whether to overhaul carb in any case, since it's
never been overhauled

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