Hi All -

When I got my '73 Sport, it had these strange reels on the floor between the

seats, connected at the same point as the lap belts.

The shoulder belts pulled up from the floor and hooked on a screw up on the door

post. Strange looking, like nothing I had ever seen before, and actually strange


All the straps were dirty and the lapbelts were actually too short. OK, my

fault, but there you are.

I asked my mechanic what we could do. Turns out, he had a brand new pair of Beech

seatbelts from a Bonanza in a box. The shoulder straps were designed to hook to

a screw on the post and have a flat tab that the lap belt threads through before

the tab snaps into the buckle.

A little adjustment and ten minutes - ALL DONE! And, it doesn't look upside down,


I don't know just what the door post is made of that it can support the shoulder

harness, but the screw was already there. Maybe other planes have one of those

screws on the door post?

So, only a 3-point harness, not attached to the overhead, like the parts manual

shows for the 4-point setup, but maybe I wouldn't eat the Kollsman knob if we hit

something harder than the hanger door? Now, if that tab didn't dig into my leg...

Bill Howard


N1927W 1973 Sport 150

Beech Aero Club NorthWest Region Director

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