Here is an extract from a past forum exchange on the BAC website. It would
be money well spent, and probably the smallest investment in your entire
aircraft purchase overhead, for you to join the Beech Aero Club to research
your purchase. There is a ton of information there to help guide your
purchase decision and a Pre-purchase/Annual inspection. Many new owners
have joined prior to their purchase, for just that reason, and have been
very glad that they did. I know of one instance in which someone spent more
than $700 that could have been saved, had they been a member and done 30
minutes of research.

"I can't say this with absolute authority, but my understanding from
available reference material is that the 19s and 23s had an interior cabin
front seat width of 39.5" at the lower window molding. In mid-1970 this was
increased to 44" on the 19/23/24, basically in both front and back, by
bowing out the cabin above the door sill level.

All the Bonanzas and Barons have a cabin width of 42", though they differ in
length by model. The Cherokee/PA28 line is generally reported to have a
cabin width of 42". I have never measured one, but it sure seems tighter
than a Bonanza when I am sitting in a Cherokee or Warrior."

As noted in the response from Willis, the 19/23/24 also has much more
headroom than the competition. You should consider the latest model you can
afford, since they typically received more doors, larger baggage door,
better ventilation, better avionics, etc. as the years progressed.


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Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2005 7:38 AM
Subject: [musketeermail] cabin size, by comparison

Don't know if this has been discussed here before, but a quick search
of the message section didn't turn anything up, so.....

I'm gearing up for a spring airplane purchase. Because I do not have
a partner, I'm trying to keep the costs down. I like the Cherokee /
Warrior line quite a bit (I trained in them, so it's a comfort zone)
and have really thought all along that I'd be going that route.
Recently, though, someone pointed out that the Musketeer might also
fit my needs, but would do so with more interior room.

I don't suppose anyone out there has measured the beam of their cabin
at shoulder and hip height and would be willing to provide the data?

Also, I would appreciate anectodal comparisons by those who have
significant time in both a/c. I understand that for the same (or
less) engine in the cherokee, I may get more speed, but comfort is a
major factor for someone of my height (6'4) and girth (over 250...and
'nuff said about that!).

Thanks for any help!!


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