Hi all -

I posted this on the BAC site, but some of you still aren't members!

As such, you are missing out on the help and advise of a national treasure!

Our very own Beech Aero Club Bob Steward has been held up as an Expert on pre-buy

inspections to the world in EAA Magazine!

Pg 104 of the December 2005 issue of "EAA Sport Aviation" has an article in the

nuts & bolts section called "Smart Shopping" with lots of good advice on pre-buy


The author, Jeff Simon, holds up Bob Steward as a type-specific expert, and has

two paragraphs devoted to Bob's sage advice, even though Bob is quoted as an

expert in (actually states 'almost exclusively') Grumman Aircraft!

Although this article is very general in nature, it is VERY specific about what

to look for in ANY used plane purchase!

Wish I'd spent a little more time reading about this before I got my Sport!

Way to go, Expert Bob!

Bill Howard


N1927W 1973 Sport 150

Beech Aero Club NorthWest Region Director

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