The man I bought my Musketeer from had a private 2100 ft grass strip on his
farn., It had telephone/power poles right at the edge of 2100 ft. He and
his daughter(320 lbs) flew out of this strip. He said he kept 40 gal. most
of the time. Had a marker midfield, if he wasn't airborne by the marker,
his plan was to abort. He said in the 13 years he owned the plane, he
never had to abort. That's with a 1963 Musketeer 160hp. That looks to me
like surely he was breaking ground at less than 1000 ft. I always wanted
to go try it, but shortly after I bought the plane, he leased the farm to a
sand company that immediately cut a ravine across the runway.and ruined a
NICE private grass strip. Jimmie

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