I just renewed my AIG insurance through the AOPA brokerage for an annual premium of $997, which is more than $200 LESS than what I paid the previous year. Don't know why, and not about to ask. About 4 years ago I even had a $15,000 claim paid by AIG. I only flew about 65 hours in 2005 and am a year older, going on 78. From the time I bought the plane five years ago, I've insured with AIG through AOPA's brokerage. Each year I tell AOPA not to shop: just renew with AIG. Loyalty to an insurer may count for something. Also, I understand that this year AIG is giving a discount to members of AOPA.

My plane is a '74 Sundowner. My coverage is a million dollars per incident, but a limit of $100,000 per passenger. The hull limit is $45,000 with a $100 deductible in or not in motion. There is also some medical coverage and coverage for a number of other things like transporting your plane from a pasture in which you may have made an emergency landing. I keep indicating on the renewal application form that I'd like a quote on smooth (no sublimits on passengers) coverage, but get no response. But I haven't followed up either. Anyway, I'm happy.

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