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Thread: Trim Wheel

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    Trim Wheel

    The part number is 169-524022. The last time they sold one, Beech priced
    this at $600+ (which is crazy). They have none now. There is a faint
    chance that I have one in my KSGJ maintenance hangar, but I won't know until
    after Christmas. Let me know if you want me to look while I am down there.
    You can also check with the suppliers and salvage yards listed in BAC.

    When you pull a trim wheel, the grommets are usually all worn out. PN
    115005-2; you need two of them. RAPID has plenty of them for eighty-eight
    cents each. Everyone ought to order a couple in their next parts order. If
    there is enough interest, I'll stock a few of them for member convenience,
    but I would have to price them a bit above my cost from RAPID (plus


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    Subject: [musketeermail] Trim Wheel

    Well ...I finally did it

    While trying to check an overhead light bulb I knelt on a front seat and my
    knee slipped and snapped the trim wheel.

    Does anyone have the vaguest idea what the part number might be for the
    plastic trim wheel in a 1969 Be 23 ( M1242 ) and where one might be found?

    Also if anyone has an idea as to how such a critter is changed... any hints
    will be hugely appreciated.

    Thanks to all

    Bob Lavigne
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    [musketeermail] Trim Wheel

    There is a nice trim wheel on my 'totaled' Musketeer (now in the
    possession of The AIG Insurance company). Going to the AIG web site will

    reveal the disposition of the 'remains' . I recommend that all Mice
    needing parts (other than outer skins) look to N2327L for some good
    Bill Passinos
    I'm in the midst of a 'shopping' frenzy for a Christmas present (that
    flies). I will keep the group up to date on my progress.
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    Not sure whether the poster still needs one, but I am putting a new (not salvage) trim wheel up in the BAC Classifieds for $200. The going rate for a salvage unit is $250. This is the new unit with the half-inch diameter shaft bonded in. I don't know where the @#$%^ I put the paperwork, but I can send certification of Beech origin if required.

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    I just ran across a few new trim wheels that I can re-sell for $100. They are genuine New-Old-Stock Beech trim wheels, but I don't have any paperwork on them. I think they are still somewhere north of $600 at RAPID, but they don't have any anyhow. As originally advertised, I will furnish two new Nylon bushings with the wheel. Here is the BAC Classified ad:

    Trim Wheel

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    Hello - saw the thread on trim wheel - am looking for one for a 1963 Mouse. Stephan 954 494 4743

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    Check with Chad at Hammerhead [678-591-0128]. He seems to be able to find these types of parts. Monty Spencer [864-923-0574] also has a stash of parts. These guys would be the first I would check with.
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    Marty Vanover
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    Also, watch eBay, there was one for $25 several months ago.


    Rap McBurney

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    Thank you MVANOVER for the lead, and UNCLERAP for the tip, Monty (such a nice helpful guy) was able to take care of me. So my four week search is finally over and I will be in the air again soon.

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    Congratulations, Stephan! Glad our old friend Monty was able to assist you!

    Another happy BAC member!
    All for one!
    Chris Linderman
    BAC Founding Member & former President
    Sierra N5106M (former owner)
    KSUN (Hailey, ID)

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    If anyone needs to know how to repair your broken trim wheel I would be glad to show you how. And yes, it's simple.
    Bill Wright at

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