I got this story with a military theme and reworded it slightly to match our
planes... enjoy

A Mouse driver was flying along when a Cocky Mooney pilot pulled up along
Switching to a air-to-air frequency, the Mooney pilot said "Watch This".
He immediadetly pulled ahead, did a barrel roll and a steep climb and a
series of high bank S turns crossing over the Mouse at a high speed.

The Mooney then pulled up along side and said "What do you think of that ?"

The Mouse driver said "That was Impressive but watch THIS "

10 Minutes go by and the Mouse driver says.. "What did you think of THAT ?"

The Mooney drive said " WHAT DID YOU DO ?"

The Mouse driver said " I got up, stretched my legs, got a cup of JOE and
took a leak. "

OK so our planes are not THAT roomy but you get the idea........

Dr Bill
76 Sundowner

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