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Thread: 2006 fly-ins

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    2006 fly-ins

    I, "Thomas A. Corcoran, do hereby acknowledge that that cheatin' #%#@& Brian Foote has won the President's Trophy".

    So much for history.

    Yes, there will be a fly-in to beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada this summer. Expect it in middle July so as not to interfere with the National in August.

    I am trying to get our president CVH to change/or add a catagory from "miles flown" to
    fly-ins attended". That will make all of us think and schedule lots of local events for 2006.

    Any one can schedule a fly-in at any time. It will be an official BAC event with the local Regional Director's approval. So, go for the President's Trophy in 2006. I heard the rumor (though not confirmed) that Cloyd Van Hook is putting up a prize of 1,000 gallons of 100LL.

    He is a lawyer so read the fine print.

    Tom Corcoran
    Boston and Prince Edward Island, Canada... a beautiful and aviation friendly place

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    wwf3730 at

    2006 fly-ins

    Ok, we might as well get the calendar set early. How about Spearfish, SD,
    closest airport to Deadwood, SD, Short flight to Devils Tower. I, work on
    the casinos for rooms, rates and the FBO for parking and fuel. Nothing but
    fun and flying unless someone wants a safety class or something, great grass
    and concrete. Maybe some grass practice during the day and casino at night.

    Middle of June "Fly the Devil from KSPF."

    Bill Franklin

    Congradulations, Brian. See you next year a lot.

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