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Thread: A23-24 Usuable Fuel

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    A23-24 Usuable Fuel

    Mike -

    Everyone will likely agree - this was a "paperwork - KYA" Service Bulletin - due

    to some idiot running out of fuel.

    Don't take off without any fuel in your tanks (yellow bands.)

    Don't run out of fuel in flight unless you mean to. Don't do it in both tanks at

    the same time.

    Don't land in a slip when you are out of fuel and expect the engine to keep running.

    In other words, don't run out of fuel.

    Bill Howard


    N1927W 1973 Sport 150

    Beech Aero Club NorthWest Region Director

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    A23-24 Usuable Fuel

    >In other words, don't run out of fuel.

    Duly noted. I'll Dymo it to the panel.

    Don't forget to eyeball the tanks. Scumbags actually steal fuel from
    parked aircraft. It happened to me, and 5 gallons from each tank isn't all
    that noticeable on a gauge. Luckily, I always look in the tanks during

    Barry Burke Jr. - Middletown, CT USA
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