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Thread: External Power Outlet

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    Quote Originally Posted by paxflyer View Post
    One thing to keep in mind with these cables. The Bat needs to be ON in order for the power to get to the battery.
    This is only true of the 24 volt systems. You do not need to turn on the Master switch on the 12 volt systems.
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    I can say from experience that I rather install a quality battery and a solar battery tender to ensure starting. I had an issue where I repeatedly asked a lineman if his GPU was 12v and he assured me it was. I was charged by the same unit previously without incident and trusted the lineman. He hooked up his plug into the receptacle that was installed into my plane and a smoked battery, master relay, wiring and voltage regulator later he realized he grabbed the 24v cart. To avoid any issues, I would go with a self-contained system that YOU know is correct!
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    "Keep in mind that the 24 volt planes need some relays also." Just a thought here for you 24v guys: on the airliners the GPU cable also powers the relays to connect to the batteries (but the plane itself won't be powered up until the switches in the cockpit are activated). So you could wire the receptacle with a jumper that powers the relay so that the battery gets charged without actually turning on ship's power. Admittedly this may require an extra solenoid and a pair of diodes to direct the current to the battery only.
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    Or, you could wire the receptacle to the battery side of the relay, essentially the same as the 12V versions.

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    sheesh Mark - do you Kiwis always go for the simpler solution???

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    I am a big fan of the KISS Principle.

    But, Kiwis grow in New Zealand, not in Oz.

    In Oz

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    @Mark: ooops: clue was in the name.

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    Guys the adapters that Bill makes are the only difficult part to find. The round receptacle is actually an early Bonanza part. Joe Brewer has several of these, including the rubber plug cover. He is a BAC member. Give him a call.

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    As always, Bob is spot on!
    All for one!
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    AN2552-3A three prong receptacle

    Below is a link to a discussion on battery external power.

    I have the AN2552-3A plug, (like on many Cessna's), wired into my 19A but it is not a simple task.
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