While killing time during a visit with relatives, I located what appears to be a good deal on a larger airplane. My wife wants to go places with other couples. With four people, the Sundowner has limited range, especially in the summer when we want to go some distance to find cooler temperatures. She liked the Cherokee Six I found, and I am working on figuring out how to buy it before the Sundowner sells. I also need to resolve a potentailly expensive prop hub AD before proceeding, and should have a resolution one way or the other by Tuesday.

I know that there are people who joined this group in hopes of finding an airplane for sale, so here's your chance.

It is a 1972 Sundowner that I bought in June 2003 from Sid Hall at Southern Aviation. Since I am out of town I don't have new photos to post, but it is at http://www.myplaneonline.com/N9761L.html. It has a Horizon digital tachometer, a digital clock, and a vernier mixture control that were added since those pictures were taken. The current tach time is approximately 3870.

If interested, please contact me directly through BAC-Mail, at carlfoster@comcast.net, and cgfoster@raytheon.com (after Monday). I will make a final sell decision on Tuesday, but even if I don't get this particular Cherokee Six, I am still looking. I would rather find a buyer who appreciates the Musketeer line before placing ads in Trade-a-Plane and/or ASO. If you email me I will give you my cell number so we can talk.

Carl Foster Sundowner 9761L Tucson Arizona (in Muncie Indiana today)