Happy New Year, everyone!

I have not seen any responses to this so far. We returned home to SC
yesterday afternoon. Not a fun flight up from FL, and including one missed
GPS08 approach here in Laurens. That was my first-ever miss on the GPS08,
and we were dead on track. Never saw a thing the first time, but made it in
on the second try about 30 minutes later. But that's another story. Not
sure I'll ever get Paula in the plane for an IFR ride again, though. Bit of
a rough trip home.

Since we got back yesterday, I spent some time on this today. Here are the
bolts and nuts used for the aileron pushrods on the pre-1978 models of the
19/23/24. The same bolts are used for all years and models; only the nut
specification was changed effective with 1978 (see below).

Forward end: AN24-16 Clevis bolt with AN960-416 washer and AN320-4 Castle
nut and MS24665-134 cotter pin. Post-1977 airframes use nut #130909N16.

Aft end: NAS1104-9 short-thread bolt with AN960-416L (light/thin) washer and
MS20364-428 thin self-locking stop nut. Post-1977 airframes use nut

Note that in this application I would not re-use the thin self-locking nut.
They are cheap; and with no other form of safetying the aft bolt and nut
(due to clearances and relative motion), you want the nut to be tight every
time it is installed. Note that this is a preflight check item. The
forward bolt, which cannot be readily seen other than during the Annual
Inspection, has a positive-safety in the form of the cotter pin. There is
more clearance there, which allows for the pin to be used.

My new edition of the parts book for the 1978 and later 19/23/24 airframes
shows the different numbering system for the two nuts, which I am not yet
familiar with. They carry no MilSpec standard identification that I know of
(so far), and I have not yet turned up a cross-reference for them. It may
simply be some Raytheon numbering system aimed at making alternate sourcing
more difficult (and Raytheon does list them for a modest price). It is very
hard for me to believe that they are actually significantly different nuts,
since the same bolts and other parts are being used. They may be some kind
of commercial nylon-insert or coated nuts. The guy I can ask about them
isn't available for a couple more weeks.

The rod ends themselves can either be Beech PN 169-38002-3, or Heim PN HM4
or AHM4, per Beech SI0858-151. The Heims are readily available, and are
usually less expensive than the Beech PN. These days I would also have more
confidence in the Heim brand name. There is no telling who Raytheon might
contract with to provide the part itself, with Raytheon then putting the
Beech PN on the package.

Al, just let me know when you have this in "final form", and I'll be happy
to post it on BAC as an FAQ, credited to you. Thanks very much for taking
the extra time to record all this. If everyone chips in like this when they
can, we'll greatly accelerate the technical content on BAC. These kinds of
documentation efforts don't require a lot of experience and A&P knowledge;
just the willingness and persistence to put the list of numbers together.
Some pix during the work would also be terrific. If you get photos and take
notes, I'll compile an instruction download. Bill Manhein will then work
his magic on it for clarity and size, and we'll add it to the list of BAC
downloads. Might even make a good candidate for the technical page in a
future issue of the BAC Talk newsletter.

Speaking of which, the next BAC Talk tech article will probably be on
repairing the wing fuel sump drains (all styles, including alternatives).
The one after that will probably be on repairing the fuel
strainer/Gascolator. The former is complete and ready for the next issue,
and is available for download from BAC right now. Sump drain O-ring kits
are also available in BAC Classifieds. The first draft of the latter is
complete except for the photos and Manhein-massaging. I have accumulated
all the rings needed for Gascolator kits as well, with the exception of the
two flat gaskets for the very early-style strainer. The source for those is
outlined in the document. All seals and o-rings will be available for the
mid-style and late-style strainers.


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I am putting together a list of part numbers for my Sundowner M2226,
working toward replacing the bushing nut bolts etc on the ailerons
etc. I broke down and bought the parts book for my plane. However, I
cannot find the part number for the bolt that insets into the
aileron rod ends for end rod 169-380082-3. Can anyone help. Also,
where is the best place to get the items listed below? I would like
to get close tolerance on all these items if possible. Thanks

I figured I would put the list together so it may be posted on BAC
for future reference. See below.

>From Beech Part Manual PN 169-590026E1 Rev April 18, 1995
This manual is good for sport B19 (MB-866 and after), Sundowner 180
C23 (M-1971, M1980 and after) and Sierra 200 C24R (MC533,MC537 and

Ailerons Fig 151

Bolt outboard AN4H6A 1
Bolt inboard AN4-5A 1
Bushing 169-110000-347 2
Washer AN960-416L 2
Nut / Inboard only/ AN365-428 1
Nut for end rod bolt AN316-4R 1
Bolt for end rod 169-380082-3 ??

Stabilator and Tab Control Fig 152

Bolt 130909B16 2
Cotter pin an380 2
Nut MS175825-3 2

Horizontal Stabilator Fig 132

View B
Bolt NAS1305-17W 2
AN960-516L Washer 4
Nut MS21083N5 2


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