I?ve reestablished contact with my vendor. It looks like I?ll be able to
get the missing shirts from my last order and order additional shirts. If
anyone would like to order a BAC denim shirt or golf shirt let me know
before the end of this month.

All shirts will have the BAC logo embroidered and the tail number
(optional). The denim shirts are $35 for either long sleeve or short
sleeve (includes tax and shipping). The golf shirts are $32. These will
be white. If you want to order shirts, e-mail me at cloydvanhook@imtt.com
with your order. Do NOT send me a private message through the BAC site.
I?d like all orders to be in the same place.

Mail your check for payment to me at:

Cloyd Van Hook
321 St. Charles Ave, Tenth Floor
New Orleans, LA 70130

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