Cloyd and all,

I love both of the shirts you ordered for me. Good quality easy to iron.

I am interested in a cap with a reduced size of the BAC logo. I think
with the software these embroiderers use these days this shouldn't be a
problem. White/Black/Navy. Let us know is this is possible.

Shelby Smith
N4004T M-1110
Nashville, TN

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> Subject: [BAC-Mail] BAC Denim Shirts and Golf Shirts
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> I?ve reestablished contact with my vendor. It looks like I?ll be able
> to
> get the missing shirts from my last order and order additional shirts.
> If
> anyone would like to order a BAC denim shirt or golf shirt let me know
> before the end of this month.
> All shirts will have the BAC logo embroidered and the tail number
> (optional). The denim shirts are $35 for either long sleeve or short
> sleeve (includes tax and shipping). The golf shirts are $32. These
> will
> be white. If you want to order shirts, e-mail me at
> with your order. Do NOT send me a private message through the BAC
> site.
> I?d like all orders to be in the same place.
> Mail your check for payment to me at:
> Cloyd Van Hook
> 321 St. Charles Ave, Tenth Floor
> New Orleans, LA 70130

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