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Thread: Dimmer Units and Cabin Heat Cable

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    Dimmer Units and Cabin Heat Cable

    I could not find information on either of these items on the BAC web

    My cabin heat cable is frozen along with the control rod on the
    instrument panel. Looking for guidance to give to the mechanic.

    Also the panel light rotating dimmer switches show their age and are
    corroded. Are there replacements for these items and/or can
    potentially be refurbished?


    J Merrick

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    Dimmer Units and Cabin Heat Cable

    When I had an avionics upgrade, I had the shop install post lights to
    light the unlit instruments/gauges. The shop said that the rheostats
    would get too hot with all the extra load, so they installed a "solid
    state" unit that works great. I'll try to find out

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