The direct answer is that you rmechanic has to go with the
configuration shown in the Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) FOR THE
SERIAL NUMBER OF YOUR AIRPLANE (unless modified by STC or other
legal means). There are numerous details like this which change, so
he may well indeed be accustomed to seeing these, without your
airplane needing to have them.

BTW, for others who think they're stuck when the mechanic won't sign
off the annual, yours is a great lesson. The mechanic can sign off
a "conditional" annual, in which he gives you a list of things which
need to be done. That list is NOT supposed to be in the log, but on
a separate paper so it can disappear when complied with. Note that
the logs are ONLY for what's accomplished, never for what's
wrong!!! Of course if your last annual has expired and he won't
sign it off, you'll need a ferry permit to take the airplane
elsewhere and the ferry permit will need to be signed by another
mechanic, so it's not a "get out of jail free" card, either.
A&P, Aero Eng.
--- In, "woodiediamond" <woodie@a...>
> My plane, 1965 A23, just went through annual and the mechanic
> me with a list of items that need to be fixed to finalize the
> One of them was that "...the pilot's left rudder pedal torque tube
> bushing missing..." Within the parts manual it does not display a
> bushing/washer for the outside brackets on the torque tubes, just
> the inside (4 total). Indeed, the repair manual makes note of
> the outside should not have the nylon bushings installed because
> possible complications due to friction heat. I inspected another
> on my field that is undergoing rebuild and noted that it has the
> washer/bushings installed on both outer ends of the torque tube.
> Evidently, the mechanic who did the annual is used to seeing them
> this. Before I go back and dispute this, can someone give me some
> guidance on this. Is there a modification out there that I am
> unfamiliar with that requires the installation of the
> on the outer ends?
> Thanks!
> Woodie

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