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Thread: Power Flow Systems Sundowner Project Update

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    mike at

    Power Flow Systems Sundowner Project Update

    Direct from Robin at Power Flow today. My thanks to all of you for not
    calling for info at this stage.

    ************************************************** *****

    Hi Mike,
    Happy new year to you too, and thanks for checking in.

    We have been flying the Power Flow Exhaust on our Sundowner for some weeks
    now, and everything is fine. We are completing our FAA required testing and
    hope to get it all out to the FAA by early next week. From there, it's
    anyone's guess as to how long it will take! We don't have final performance
    numbers yet, as the plane has a bad carb and a bad cam. We are probably
    going to fix those before we release the real final numbers.

    We are completing our molds for the second generation wheel pants. The first
    ones fit fine but looked ugly. The new ones are a huge improvement. I am
    hoping to be flying them within about two to three weeks. I will send you
    photos at that time.

    No progress so far on the cowl mod. Its purpose will be to reduce drag, as
    cooling is very good already. I guess we'll be testing something in about a

    All these I have mentioned are free to be shared on the BAC. You have been
    extremely good at holding inquiries to a minimum.

    ************************************************** *******
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    I talked with Robin in person again, at Sun-N-Fun. Without stealing his thunder with their hoped-for announcements at BAC Fest (August in Wichita), here is an update.

    1. Robin continues to be very grateful that they have not been swamped with phone calls, when the projects are not yet complete. My thanks again to you all, for honoring that request.

    2. Robin has been flying the main gear wheel pants, with very promising results. They look good as well, both on the ground and in the air, as the design keeps them parallel to the plane despite the trailing link wheel travel.

    3. He expects to be flying the nose wheel pant within a week or two.

    4. The combination of the new exhaust system and just the main gear pants has been repeatedly giving 153+ MPH TAS (True, not Indicated), at a real 75% power. Robin feels that there is more to be had, with the nose gear pant and a couple of other tweaks. He really likes the Sundowner.

    Robin is currently planning to fly the Sundowner to BAC Fest (August 16-20 in Wichita). He expects to arrive on August 15 (as do I). Robin plans to be offering demo flights, and expects to be able to take orders for their new products during the show. I sure hope that we get a great turnout for our first BAC National event, and that the PFS products find a market through our great Club. The only way we will be able to keep our planes flying, and improve their market value over time, is to motivate suppliers to make both replacement and STC'd products for us (along with the work of our STC Group).

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    Quick question about the power flow system. Are they planning on making more than one system? I've got an O-320 in our Sport and hope it will be supported. Thanks!

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    power flow news

    this is great news, the exuast the cowling and the wheel pants, thanks mike for all the time you put into getting these things off the ground.
    i will be the first one in line when the testing is done.
    steve nelson
    78 sundowner n274ct

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    Latest Power Flow Systems update on their C23 project.
    Our Sundowner is now down for the new cam. The old one really was badly worn. We don't expect to go flying in it again for about a month, as we are taking the opportunity to have the bottom end overhauled.
    (Ed. Note: PFS expects to further refine official performane gains associated with the exhaust system once they have the plane flying with the rebuilt engine.)

    We have tested all three pants, and the performance is good... around seven or eight mph gain, plus improved ROC and glide. We have also tested everything for controllability, and it has worked out fine. We have done stalls in all configurations including spin entries, and all the handling requirements are met. The next phase will be the FAA application and testing, and I have no way of telling how long that will take.

    So in terms of news, all I can offer is that everything is proceeding well, and we expect to be able to show it all in August. (at BAC Fest in Wichita-Ed.)

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