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When I start cold (Ottawa, ON is very cold) the engine will not idle below about

1300-1400 RPM without stalling.


Hi Bruce -

Have you ever computed density altitude on those cold mornings? You may be well

below sea-level!

As such, there may be no way to get 'rich enough' for that altitude until you

start running a little faster.

My Brand-C manual mentions having to push in the primer occasionally until the

engine is warmed up. I think the atomization is pretty poor at low speeds (and

low air flows at idle) in these big bore engines. So, maybe the cold air and

cold intake tubes are condensing out the fuel unless the engine is idling pretty

fast - what do you think?

On the other hand, you may be adjusted 'too rich.' What does the EGT read? I'd

want that to be well up on the gauge but obviously not beyond peak at idle (don't

know that's even possible!)

So, crank 'er up and slowly reduce the idle speed and play with the Mixture - may

find out something interesting!

Bill Howard


N1927W 1973 Sport 150

Beech Aero Club NorthWest Region Director

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