I know that the two ballast weight part numbers are 169-440005-119 and -207.
I don't remember which one is which weight; that's not shown in the parts
book. My understanding is that one is ten pounds, and the other is 22
pounds. My Sierra has the -207 installed.

There is a lot of text about this on the BAC website. Search BAC (and the
Musketeermail Archives) for 'ballast weight'. Here is a partial paste of
one of the FAQs:
Larry Perry:

I pulled out the airframe logbook, and the second item entered under "Major
Alterations", six months after N65503 left the factory, is
the following notation:

7/3/84 Install ballast weight P/N 169-44000-207 in tail.

Editor's Note:

There is a digit missing in the part number. The correct PN is
169-440005-207. There is one available from RAPID for $149. I don't know the
weight on this one. Another number is 169-440005-119; none available from

If anyone has time to call RAPID and find out the actual weight number on
these two parts, please let me know what you find out. Both of these may
well be available from salvage yards. Parts applicability is:

169-44000-119, 22 pounds: MB1 through MB557; MC2 through MC150

169-44000-207, 10 pounds: MC191 through MC536, except MC503.
NOTE: The later parts book shows this -207 unit being installed on most
Sierras and Sports through the end of production.

There is no indication of a factory installation of either of these weights
on any Model 23 Musketeers and Sundowners. It sounds like Larry Perry may
have a copy of a 337 that includes this, in his aircraft records; or he
could get a copy from the FAA for his airframe. If a copy is sent to me, I
will post it on BAC.

CAUTION! Don't install these ballast weights lightly! They may not sound
very heavy, but they are acting on a long arm in the envelope. I'll be
amazed if the FAA did not require added flight testing for the installation
of one that was not factory approved. Though I suppose if the plane is
re-weighed and remains within the certified envelope, it ought to pass
muster. Certainly some calculations should be done before selecting the
appropriate weight. If anyone finds out which PN is which weight, please
let me know!


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When I checked with Beech parts, they said that the ballast weights are not
approved for Sundowners (at least not for mine, a 79, M-2130). I'm hoping
to install one anyway someday (I'm about to install a Skytec lightweight
starter, and don't know yet whether or not I'll want the 10 or 22 pound
weight--haven't done the math.) I'm assuming the way to do it will be to
get a field approval from the FAA FSDO.

Bob Steward and/or Mike Rellian:

Have others done this (installed the tail bulkhead ballast on an airplane
not approved for it)? If so, what approval route did they take? (Also,
who, and which FSDO?)

Steve King

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Subject: [musketeermail] Sundowner CG ballast Instructions

Hello All,

Thanks for the replies regarding the Foward CG situation we all seem to
have. I have located the larger of the two weights made by Beech and
want to install it in my Sundowner.

Where can I find the Service Instructions or whatever it is I'm looking
for? I have an A&P that will take care of it for me, just need the

Don't you just love it when a newbie comes to town?



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